Running Research Projects
  • MINERVA (12.2022-11.2027): European Research Council: Consolidator Grant for 5 years for the project "eMergINg coopERatiVe Autonomous systems - information for control and estimation". See more details in the project's website.
    [Role: PI]
  • FINEST TWINS (12.2019-12.2023): European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program: Smart Cities Centre of Excellence as a joint project between Tallinn University of Technology and Aalto.
    [Role: consortium partner]
  • ODYSSEY (09.2018-08.2023): Academy of Finland: Research Fellowship for 5 years (acceptance rate: 12%) for the project "Co-design of control and communication systems for wireless networked control systems".
    [Role: PI]

Completed Research Projects
  • LoLiTA (2018): Aalto University internal seed funding: "Low Latency in Time-critical Applications".
    [Role: PI]
  • COOPNET (2015-2016): European Research Council (ERC) Starting grant: "Cooperative Networks".
    [Role: Postdoctoral Researcher]
  • COPPLAR (2015-2016): Partnership between the Swedish government and automotive industry: "CampusShuttle cooperative perception and planning platform".
    [Role: Postdoctoral Researcher]
  • --- (2015-2016): SAFER/Transport Area of Advance: "Enhanced traffic flow optimization using on-car sensors".
    [Role: Postdoctoral Researcher]
  • METIS (2013-2014): European Commission as an Integrated Project under FP7: "Mobile and wireless communications Enablers for Twenty-twenty (2020) Information Society".
    [Role: Postdoctoral Researcher]
  • RAMCOORAN (2012-2013): Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF): "Resource allocation and multi-node cooperation in radio access networks".
    [Role: Postdoctoral Researcher]
  • HUMOUR (2009-2010): European Commission under FP7-ICT: "HUman behavioral Modeling for enhancing learning by Optimizing hUman-Robot interaction".
    [Role: Research Associate - Responsible for a Work Package]

Non-Research Projects
  • Develop STEM project on building and controlling a mini Segway in high school (09.2019-11.2020): Control Systems Society (CSS) Outreach Fund: Financial resources for projects that will benefit CSS and the controls community in general. Joint proposal with the University of Uppsala (Sweden) and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway).
    [Role: co-PI]
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